Document Scanning

Glenbeigh Records Management have over a decade of experience operating a full-service document scanning bureau. We specialise in both onsite and offsite document scanning projects encompassing documents of all sizes.

Our sophisticated scanning bureau uses a complex combination of cutting-edge hardware and software, combined with the most up-to-date scanning procedures, document controls and meticulous attention to detail, in order to scan your documents and convert them to digital images.

Forming the core of our scanning bureau is the IBML ImageTrac, a multi-application, high-speed, mixed document image scanner that offers image-capturing capabilities up to 300 dpi optical resolution and burst mode speeds up to 429 pages per minute.

As soon as we receive your documents, the document conversion process begins. All documents are prepped for digital conversion by our prepping experts. Once prepped, our scanning specialists will carefully scan and convert your records, ensuring optimum results and clarity.

Upon completion of the digitising process, your scanned images will be indexed to facilitate future retrieval. When your files have been indexed, they can be transferred to you securely via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), returned to you via an encrypted hard-drive, or indeed uploaded to a cloud-based document management or workflow software.

The digitisation process is completed by returning your source documents to you. Alternatively, we can provide you with document storage within our highly secure records storage facility.

Nationwide Collection
High-Quality Scanning
Secure Delivery
Our dedicated fleet of vehicles are securely equipped for the pick-up and transportation of your physical files to our highly secure records management facility.
With our industry leading scanning technology your physical files will be converted into high quality images, by our experienced operatives, in the electronic format of your choice.
Your scanned images will be securely transferred to you via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), uploaded to a cloud based document management system of physically delivered on an encrypted hard-drive.

Throughout the process your documents are stored within secure areas at all times. Utilising our records management software, we can track all physical documents at all times and if you require a document urgently, we can provide rapid delivery, electronically or physically.

Whether you are seeking to eliminate costly paper-based processes, enhance internal communications, or improve customer service, our document scanning service is an ideal solution for delivering efficiencies.

Types of Document Scanning

Our experience ranges from, but is not exclusive to;

  • medical record scanning,
  • HR file scanning,
  • form scanning,
  • examination script scanning,
  • historical document scanning.

Benefits of Document Scanning

  • Save time through the elimination of filing, retrieving and re-filing
  • Save phyiscal storage space through computer storage
  • Reduce physical storage and retrieval costs
  • Collaborate efficiently with multiple viewers at once
  • Enable disaster recovery
  • Recover lost information that was filed incorrectly
  • Maintain quality of original document - digital copy will not degrade
  • Eliminate re-filing
  • Increase security & control access

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Document Scanning

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