Our state-of-the-art facilities have been purpose-built for the storage and provision of records management services to organisations throughout the United Arab Emirates. They are located in Dubai South and were built by Glenbeigh Records Management's (GRM) sister company Glenbeigh Construction. The deployment of this expertise ensured that the storage facilities was constructed to the highest standard for advanced records management.

The facilities are protected from flood as Dubai South is not located on any floodplain. The warehouses are above sea level and all boxes are stored on racking that is six inches above the ground. The racking is designed to maximise space whilst ensuring that boxes and their contents are fully protected. Temperature and humidity are recorded on a daily basis. There is an ambient environment all year round and any fluctuations in temperature are escalated and investigated immediately. All vehicles are loaded and unloaded in a securely covered area within the storage facility, this ensures that documents cannot be damaged or lost by being exposed to external conditions.

We would be delighted to give you a tour of our facility at any time.

Fire Protection

Purpose built stand-alone facility

Perimeter fencing

Security controlled electric gate access

Onsite security 24/7

External and internal CCTV

‚ÄčIntruder alarms

Swipe card system

Client access procedures

Smoke detection system

Fire safety equipment

Zoned sprinkler system

156,000 gallons onsite water reservoir

Backup generator

Fire training

No smoking policy

Two hour fire rated vaults with INERGEN

Dubai- Facility

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